Margin trowels are used to contour corners and hard to reach square areas in concrete finishing and mastic applications. Pointing trowels are used for tight areas, finishing off edges and mortar work. Brick trowels are used to lay mortar in place for brick or stonework. Plastering trowels are used to spread and finish plaster or cement. These trowels are constructed to meet the quality needs of the homeowner or as a “throwaway” grade for contractors.

A notched trowel is used to apply various types of mastic, cement, or adhesive. These trowels are designed with the homeowner in mind with the quality to get the job done, yet reasonably priced for the one-time user. These same aspects appeal to the contractor who uses “throwaway” grade tools. BARCO notched trowels and quart spreaders consist of a tempered or cold rolled steel blade, handled in wood or plastic. Spreaders are available in cold rolled steel or plastic.

Groovers are designed to finish concrete with a consistent seam between sections. Edgers finish concrete by leaving a contoured border.

Notch Styles (PDF)